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Tyre Knowledge  
Do you know what constitutes the tyre?Date:2016-06-02

Tyre play an important role as an automobile component. Many parts may make up a car but usually one part is limited to one function. Despite its simple appearance, a tyre differs from other parts in that it has numerous functions.

  • The inner liner is a special air-tight rubber lining attached to the inside of the tyre, used instead of a tube.
  • The tyre sidewall adds rigidity to the structure, protecting the carcass and improving ride quality by allowing the tyre to expand and compress with the terrain.
  • The apex helps to minimise bead distortion and reduce impacts to it.
  • The tread is the part of the tyre in contact with the road. It not only has to provide grip and cornering stability but must resist abrasion, cutting, and impacts, as well as withstand high temperatures.
  • The bead fixes the tyre to the rim and secures the end of the cord. It is coposed of a bead wire and rubber core.
  • A tyre groove is a channel within the tread that improves driving stability, pulling ability, and braking ability.
  • A tyre belt is made of steel wire or textile fabric. It acts as a reinforcement, reducing the impacts sustained from the the road and helping to maintain stability by widening the tread in contact with the road.
  • The tyre shoulder is the section from the edge of the tread to the upper [art of the sidewall. It needs to offer good heat dispersal
  • The tyre carcass is the inner cord of the tyre that supports the weight and absorbs impact. As such it has to resist fatigue caused by the constant flexing and compression.
  • The chafer prevents direct contact between the wheel rim and the cord to protect the cord.

Company Introduction

Dongying Eternal Tyre Co,ltd. established in 1995, mainly produce all steel radial tires. At present, the annual capacity is 3 million pieces. Sequentially, our products were certified by DOT of the U.S., ECE of EU, INMETRO of Brazil, Gulf GCC, the test of noise and wet land, as well as state mandatory 3C. Besides, we have passed Quality Management System Certification of ISO 16949, Environment Management System Certification of ISO 14001, and Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certification of OHSAS 18001. The above certifications have brought about favorable basis for the sound development of the company. Since establishment of the Group, we have been insisting on the idea of producing mid-range and high-end products to build our brand, imposing strict requirements for artwork on our products, strict management, and strict control. State-of-the-art technical team is in charge of R&D of our products, working with extra care on each product, which has therefore gained us good market and customer recognition. Most of our products are sold to over 50 countries and areas, such as Europe, America, Middle East, and Australia, and are well received among our customers.
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